Adopted Bears
                   Gizmo has a new home..                                             Gilmore has a wonderful new home!
                                            Rory is on his way to his new home....                                     Tessa has a wonderful new home!

          Justice was adopted at the Marietta Ohio Teddy Bear Show Jan 16 and so was Flora.

                          Josef has a Great New Home!                                    and so does Angelina

                   Gallagher has been Adopted!                                                Ty has a Great new Home!

                                           Fiona is Adopted!                         Jasmine has gone to a Great Home!

Jasper has a Great home  and so is does Samantha!

Pepper and Rocco are Adopted.

Izzy is adopted and so is Isabella.  

                Dazzle is adopted.                                 Spanky is adopted.

                    Pokey is Adopted.                                            Bruno is Adopted.

                            Eve is adopted.                                      Lionell is Adopted.

                          Colby has a new home                             and Bullseye does too.

                                   Brumble is adopted.                                      Yuckier has a new home.

                                     Bailey and Buzz are adopted and so is Buttons!    
                                             Casey is Adopted.  
                                      Brady has a new home.

        Diego has been Adopted.                              Snickers has a wonderful new home.

Happy has a new home.                                               Electra is Adopted. 

Dusty has a new home.                                             Lulu is Adopted.

                             Orley is adopted.                                         Quincey is adopted.

Starr has a new home.                                            Boo is adopted.

              Kipp is adopted.                                       Goldie has a great new home.

       Berry has been adopted.                                Destiny has a great new home!

    Levi has just been adopted!                                   Ole has a great new home!

     Chester is Adopted.                                 Tia has a new home.

       Twilight is Adopted.                               Calvin has a new home.

      Cooper has a lovely home. 

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