Sonja Obrynba
Ohio,  USA

Phone:  419-895-1922          

I was fortunate enough to have my Teddy Bear (Benjamin) listed in the "Teddy Bear Face Book" that was published in April 2007 by Teddy Bear and Friends Magazine.  I've completed several teddy bear sculpting classes~one was conducted by the great Teddy Bear Artist, Michelle Lamb.  This was in conjunction with the 25th year celebration of Teddy Bear and Friends magazine in Schaumburg, Illinios.  I also  attended a class with the talented Teddy Bear Artist "Isabella Hoffman" who designs teddy bears for the German Teddy Bear Company "Clemens".  This training has helped me develop my own unique talents for making Teddy Bears and has helped me perfect my skills, ideas and designs.

Why not join my mailing list.  Anytime I add a new bear to the web page for adoption, I can send you an e-mail.    Send your e-mail to:    with subject line; Join List!


Our little guy Gunnar on the Home page, grew up to be a big Bernese Mountain dog.

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